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Dong Quai EQ67 | Mare Reproductive System

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Mare Reproductive 

Does your mare need help to balance hormones, beautify, and build blood™
100% pure Dong Quai is traditionally known for it benefits to the mare™s reproductive system as a blood builder, tonic, and for over all beautification to the hair, coat and hooves.   The literal translation of Dong Quai or ™female ginseng™ means ™compelled to return™ which seems to refer to its ability to restore a female horse to her normal health. Dong Quai is an herbs for horses alternative to conventional equine hormonal supplements or treatments.  This herb for horses tonic is not necessary for daily long term use due to its restorative properties. It can be beneficial for:
  • Maintaining a proper balance of female hormones
  • Regulating mare™s irregular estrous cycles
  • Toning and strengthening conditions in the mare before and after a birth
  • Strengthening all of the horse™s internal organs and muscles
  • Purifying the blood which helps to increase circulation throughout the horse™s body and to dissolve blood clots
  • Stabilizing high blood pressure and low blood sugar
  • Providing plant-based vitamins A, E, and B12
  • Calming the nerves
  • Reducing effects of estrous disorders including cramping and backaches
  • Opening blocked passageways to stagnant chi according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Aiding recovery when internal bruising and bleeding exist due to injury or accident.
Suggested Use: 3 TBS two times daily for 10 days, then 2 TBS once a day 6 days a week for one to two months.
*Keep it in your medicine chest for short term use as needed. DO NOT USE LONGTERM.
Ingredients: 100% Pure Sulphite Free Dong Quai 


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