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Loryhl Davis, Canadian herbalist and formulator for Herbs of the World has been a breeder and owner of competitive horses, plus rescuing dogs and cats her whole life. She has helped rescue and recycle 1000's of PMU foals, mares and ex racehorses from the slaughterhouse over the last 40 years. She has been instrumental in giving a voice to PMU horses, by educating women on alternatives to mare urine drugs. She started touring PMU farms 40 years ago.

 Herbs of the World strongly supports the preservation and protection of the Wild Mustangs, living in the wilderness of North America.

Loryhl has a special relationship with many First Nations families and serves them with herbs.

She has also served numerous Veterinarian practices, pet rescues and humane societies with special formulations for small and large animals.

Loryhl has taken advanced training from the Dominion Herbal College. She was privileged to take seminars from Dr John R Christopher, as well as many other renowned herbal teachers and herbalists over a long career. She did an intensive two-year apprenticeship in the practical traditional use of herbs and alternative therapies with human Herbalist, Doris Joiner in Canada. For two years she was the Voice of Herbalism, for the Herbal Green Pages, answering herbal questions from all over the world. She has lectured extensively throughout North America and SE Asia.

Loryhls beloved Grandfather, Jack Keith was a popular Veterinarian in Northern Alberta, Canada. He was originally from Scotland, where he was also a jockey.

Many of the Veterinarian practices he used were of the old school, with modern medical methods as well as old traditional medicines, using holistic therapies and natural treatment of animals in his practice.

Her Father, Larry Thygesen was a pioneer in the Green Chemical Industry 65 years ago. He manufactured and developed nontoxic plant-based chemicals. The natural chemicals were for home, farm, and large agricultural operations, as well as sewage and wastewater treatment. Loryhl completed two successful CIDA, (Canadian international Development, Government) AID projects in SE Asia and Colombia South America promoting and partnering with agricultural operations, sewage plants and garbage dumps, using the plant-based chemicals. The AID projects focused on women in development, preserving the traditions of ancient cultures, farming without toxic chemicals, and promoting sustainable development.

Her love and respect for all things natural and green, was ignited by her Grandfather and Father.

Today she is one of the world’s leading authorities on how to use herbs for competitive horses and keeping horses healthy while living in unnatural environments. Her formulas have been used by horses running in Dubai, the Triple Crown, and all top disciplines of equine competition. This includes formulas for show dogs, cats and companion animals.

Many of the formulas are racetrack proven for horses under the heavy duress of extreme competition.

Loryhl has developed over 300 formulas for horses, dogs, cats, and humans. She has written articles for the Pet Tribune, Natural Pet Magazine, Natural Horse Magazine, and many others. She has lectured at Equine Affair, Equitana USA, The Canadian Cutting Horse Association, Herbal Green Pages, 4H Clubs, Pet Expo in Vancouver BC and many other trade shows over 30 years. Her personal goal is to educate people how to use herbs in our everyday lifestyle to help ourselves and our animals stay healthy. One of her many lectures titles is “Using What is in Your Cupboard and Backyard for Health and Wellbeing Naturally”.

She is a Canadian/USA Citizen residing in Idaho, USA. If you would like her to lecture at trade shows:


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