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We are a Natural Farm Store located in Salmon, Idaho, USA. Herbs of the world has formulated over 300 herbal mixtures for sporting and show horses since 1997!

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Who We Are

Herbs of the World is a company driven by Loryhl Davis, a passionate Canadian herbalist with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in holistic animal care, we offer over 300 herbal formulations for horses, dogs, cats, and humans. From rescuing animals to advocating for PMU horses and supporting Wild Mustang preservation, our mission is to educate people how to use herbs in our everyday lifestyle to help ourselves and our animals stay healthy. Join us on our journey towards healthier, happier lives for all. Explore our suggested traditional herbal formulations today.

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  • “In response to your question on how the herbs are doing for us; our stable is doing phenomenally well. We ran 6 horses from Thursday to Saturday and had 5 wins and a third!! One of the races was a 50K stake race. I don’t really know what to attribute our success to but I know that the herbs are one of the most recent changes we have made in our stable. I know that they must be helping along with a lot of hard work and good horsemanship. One thing I have noticed is that the horses seem to have more finishing power than they did before. I hope our success continues. It’s so nice to be winning. Thanks again for your wonderful herbs.”

    -Trina Dinardi- Gaudet Racing Stable

  • “When ever a client of mine has a horse with a snotty nose or discharge I always put them on Herbs Of the World echinacea formula and Mucus Mover , Not only does it work fast the client is really happy their horse become healthy quickly.”

    -Lorrie Bracaloni‎

  • “I would like to thank you for your expertise in guiding me in the use of Poise on my horse WA Electric Avenu. Before using this wonderful product, ‘Avenu was nervous and tense in his training to the point he would hyperventilate and tense his muscles to the point of soreness. After being on Poise formula, he relaxes his muscles and stays calm enough to make progress in his training without muscle stress and consequent soreness. Since he has been on Poise, ‘Avenu has remained calm and sound, and has been able to excel to his fullest ability.”

    -Janeen Barfield, Wildfire Arabians

Herbs of the World bases our formulas on the herbal folklore of our ancestors and the traditions they may have used. Herbal formulas
designed to support herbivores and omnivores as per ancient knowledge.
Testimonials are for information only.
Testimonials are written
by real customers who use herbal formulas and represent their own experiences.
The information on our website is not a substitute for professional veterinary care.If your animal needs a Vet, consult a Vet. These observations are not guaranteed,and are not
medically proven. Results may not be the same for other animals.