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Herbs of the World

Cellular Equine Detox Flush™ EQ15

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Has your horse been exposed to heavy metals, over vaccinated, long term injury with drugs, has rashes, hives, race stress, does not drink enough water or needs a gentle effective flush™

This herbal detox flush for horses is traditionally known to release toxins from the body, especially those stored in the liver and all the internal organs of the body, to promote optimum horse health.

Horses when competing often loose resilience when they build up toxins from competition, injury or illness.

Toxic heavy metals and toxic build up should be gently and effectively removed, until it is evident the horse looks and feels better. We have several formulas that we use, including Liver Up. Many trainers use one or both of these formulas every few months to keep the horse on top of equine athletic performance. Eliminating the body of toxins is just as important as a nutritious diet for any being on the planet. Cilantro and Zeolite are known to gently and effectively pull toxic substances from horses. Milk Thistle Seed is traditionally known to restore the liver, which is considered the seat of emotion in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any excess of emotion, be it fear, anxiety, excitement, or competitiveness, can cause toxins to store in the liver. This blend helps to free the chi or energy channels surrounding the liver and other organs to eliminate these toxins and reduce any related race stress. Many horse owners give a bag or two of Cellular Detox prior to breeding mares or breeding stallions. This prepares the way to a strong and healthy reproductive system. It has also been useful on horses with allergies, skin rashes, abscesses, hives and cracked hooves, aging, cancer, illness or injury after effects.


Herbs of The World has been a game changer for my horses performance program!
Cellular Detox is suggested every 3 months for competitive horses or horses that have had chronic injury or illness.
Jemma runs on daily "Run for Your Life" and "Bloodless Victory".
Pre Race we use "Chinese Bleeder Liquid" Pre Event: 45cc 2-3 times daily for 2-4 days before and the day of heavy work.
Lorhyl is extremely helpful and prompt to answer any questions. Please contact the website and she can recommend the best program for you and your horse.
Human and pet supplements are also available.
Please use the link below to check out fresh supplements that actually work!

Equine Cellular Detox provides plant-based nutrients and can be beneficial for:

  • Improving overall health
  • Gently loosening and eliminating debris from the horse™s blood, muscles and internal organs
  • Eliminating toxic residue caused by heavy metals, chemicals, vaccinations and chemical worming
  • Reducing uric and lactic acid build -up related to stress, aging, illness, and overwork.
  • Encouraging horses to drink adequate amounts of water
  • Side effects of drug treatments
  • fluid build up
  • Cancer side effects
  • Lethargy from disease or illness, drabby looking, dull eye

For additional benefits , use in combination with:

  • EQ20 Easy Rider with Charcoal for 10-30 days for extra detoxifying and cellular health
  • EQ32 Liver Up to flush the liver,
  • EQ36 Pee King to flush the kidneys
  • Free n Clear for horses


3 T twice a day until 1lb bag is gone.  Many trainers use this formula every 3 months for competitive horses, loosen toxic build up.  Can be made into a tea and poured over feed

  • Option - Add 1 large handful of herbs to one quart of water into only a glass or stainless steel pot. Bring to a slow boil. Do not strain. Pour 2 cups of this herb brew including the grinds over the horse's feed two times per day for 10 days, then go back to dry herbs. 

Ingredients: Celery Seed, Dill Weed, Cilantro Leaf, Zeolite, Milk Thistle Seed, Rosehips, Ginseng, Schizandra Berries, Chaste Tree Berry, Calendula


  • Liver Up EQ32 Horse Liver Detox for Energy
  • Certified Organic Milk Thistle Seeds EQ65
  • Pee King EQ36