Prime Pet and Prime Pet Bone and Joint- Pets

 Herbs Used Traditionally by our ancestors to bring health and wellness to everyday life. Stress, injury, poor nutrition, toxins, or neglect.


 Simply stated, the nutrient content of our food supply is at its lowest level in history! If your pets are not getting the nutrients they need, they simply go into a slow process of degeneration.

Our animal companions are important to us. We live in a less than perfect world full of toxins, stress, impure water, and pesticides.

What We Claim

We Claim plants have been used as food and medicine by every culture in world history.

We Claim many of these herb’s work. Plants invented many pharmaceutical chemicals.

We Do Not Claim that our herb formulas can replace your veterinarian. Talk to your vet about herbs.

We Do Not Claim that we can tell you with certainty how your animal will respond to our herb formulas.

What does “Herbs traditionally used for” mean? Exactly that, nothing more, nothing less.

 As our pets age, adding herbs to their diet will promote a high quality of life until the very end.

What can we do? Herbs of the World is all about prevention, and we have some timely suggestions…


 Prime Pet and Prime Pet, Bone and Joint

Two herbal formulas designed to support your pet in all life stages. Prime Pet daily supports with herbs to strengthen and detox all organs and systems of the body. Prime Pet bone and joint for aging or injured pets with all the benefits of Prime Pet. In the wild when omnivores are eating the contents of the prey animals’ stomach, they are getting seeds, herbs, plants, berries and grasses. They also pick herbs on their own. These formulas are assisting your pet’s optimal health by providing what they may get in the wild.


How much would you pay to have your pet live a longer, happier life?


Prime Pet from Herbs of the World has your answer.

 Georgia is an exuberant, healthy Shepherd cross. She gets Prime Pet and Flax Oil daily that makes her hair coat glean and good health… S. Meyers

Thanks to Herbs of the World!

 I have used various products by Herbs of the World over the past decade. Not only for myself, but I’ve had wondrous results with my beloved terriers. High on my recommended list to any pet owner is Prime Pet. Not only does it stave off those nasty fleas but keeps their skin and coat in top condition!

Jan Cook with Cairn Terriers, Dusty & Happy

 Prime Pet and Prime Pet Bone Joint was developed by Herbs of the World to assist my “best friend” along the road of life. As they age, adding herbs of their diet will produce quality of life until the very end.


Pet Products- Support

Liver Up- liver and internal organ, gently detox

Cellular Detox- heavy metals, pesticides, vaccinosis, environmental toxins

Soothe – healthy gut, diarrhea, healthy gut lining.

Free n Clear- urinary health, stones, struvites, clearing the chi of the urinary system

Paragone – alternative to chemical wormers, non toxic, gut support, fungus, immune and getting rid of pathogens

“Those who may doubt the efficiency of herbs as natural remedies should remember that our most useful drugs were originally synthesized from natural herbs. In this, as with most other things, the original is much preferred to its imitations.”

Edmond Bordeave Szekely