TESTIMONIALS 2023 and Prior

" The most improvement I have seen is with my 11 year old lab-mix, Akayla. Before the Prime Pet, she was overweight and not moving well, with low energy, I believe she had some arthritis or joint pain. After a couple of months (I'm not exactly sure of the time period) on Prime Pet with glucosamine, she has slimmed down, is more eager to run, moves with ease, and acts much more playful!"


"Love it.

It worked wonders for the mare I gave it to. She was lame and actually has been 90% sound - only taking a couple of lame steps here and there. Your product came highly recommended by Toni of Angel Hand Ranch."

-Megan D.

"I have used a combination of herbal products. Ms Davis also provided me with a special herbal mix for specific horses.

I can say I have been personally satisfied with her herbal mixes".

-Carl Nafzger, Thoroughbred Trainer

"Garlic n Roses with Seaweed has made my horse's coat look fabulous. Picky eaters are eating well, they are quieter and happier. Yucca Blend has worked well on old horses. They are sounder than they have been in years. Psycho Sally took a dangerous mare and made her quiet.

Run For Your Life has changed Mandela, he can breathe. He only gets Ventipulmin occasionally now. Ten Done has made a horse with weak back suspensories able to run in the paddock after ten years of lameness.

I use various formulas from Herbs of the World on my 33 horses. I love herbs and so do my horses. They work."

-Jill Phillips, Owner, Herbs of The World, Natural Farm Store

"I cannot say enough good things about the products I have used from Herbs of the World. Over the past 15 years, Loryhl has helped me with horses, dogs, cats, and people, with all kinds of issues. Her products are excellent quality, but more importantly, they work. She has also custom blended formulas for me in special cases and has given me valuable advice. My husband and I run a cutting horse training facility and are actively involved in dog and cat rescue. Inevitably, we are seeking the help of Loryhl Davis and Herbs of the World. We recommend these products to our customers and clients, and are confident in the results. Thank you Loryhl for years of friendship and service."

-Jann O'Leary, JC Cutting Horses

"We had a foundered laminitic mare, who was a talented barrel horse. We asked Loryhl Davis at Herbs of the World, what suggestions she had. After putting her on, Garlic Blends, Free Flowin, Thumper, and others over time. This mare came back in a few months and became State Junior High School Rodeo Champion Barrel Racer in North Dakota!! You saved our horse and you are a blessing. We honestly were going to put her down. I would cry when I came down to the barn, she was so sore. You have helped us with other issues as well. Thank you."

-Sheila Berg

"I wanted to make sure you knew how much you are appreciated for your knowledge and caring. I can't count the times I have relied on your advice for us or the animals. Right now struggling with these allergies, don't know what I'd do with your help. I am committed to following a healthier routine after these last few years. I still have much to do and I'll still need your help. Thank you, my friend, for all these years."

-Oleary, PA

"Thank you Loryhl and Herbs of the World! I honestly believe your herbs are saving my horse Princesses life! After battling a pituitary gland tumor, IR, laminitis, and Thyroid issues for three years and never truly getting it under control with western medication, 3 weeks ago we tried Warm Sally, Liver Up and Ceullar Detox. princesses imbalances are quickly getting under control. Her RR went from 88-98 bpm to a controlled 22-32 bpm. No more sweating and irritability. Loryl also suggested walking Princess on the concrete to unblock energy causing increased Digital pulse …it’s working!!! THANK YOU."

-Michele Bolinger/Forever Amber Acres

"Here's Tucker. He's a handsome, blind and happy 17-year-old garbage hound, thanks to Herbs of the World. Tucker has been on a raw diet most of his life and despite heart issues associated with age, he runs and enjoys life. He has had some bouts of pancreatitis in the past, but in August of 2022 we almost lost him to a forage into the garbage. The veterinarians looked at his age and heart condition (murmur) and sent him home with fluids and pain meds. They said if he started eating again it'd be miraculous for his pancreas to recover. His mom was desperate, but she knew conventional meds wouldn't be a long term solution for her best friend. She found Herbs of The World through a friend and placed an order for soothe and liver up, hoping for the best. Tucker has had supplements his whole life, but many holistic vets use only Chinese herbs. Tucker began eating again and his mom began giving him soothe. It was a miracle!! Tucker hadn't had normal doggie stool in YEARS and after 2 weeks on soothe it was PERFECT. Not only that, but in 1 months time his liver values (which had always been slightly elevated due to mouse poison ingestion as a pup) dripped by over 200 POINTS. The vets were amazed and Tucker's whole family rejoiced. Since using black seed oil, liver up, soothe and paragone. Tucker has been more energetic and generally happier and more active!!"

"In 2019, my dear friend Loryhl Davis at Herbs of the World created a formula called 'Protect the Bellows' to help protect against Covid 19, includes two ingredients from the sea, first is Irish moss (sea moss)and second is Kelp. After we learned how Covid-19 infects the cells along the airways. It invades the cells in part by attaching to a specific cell receptor, called ACE-2, found on each cell. The virus uses ACE-2 as a doorway into the cell. We looked at her respiratory formula created for Thoroughbred races horse used to protect and strength their lungs and we knew it could help prevent Covid-19, understanding how both Irish moss(sea foam) and kelp fight viral infections.

So how it works, one potential mechanism: Mucilage has a gelatinous texture, and sea moss could theoretically help soothe mucus membranes in the respiratory and digestive tracts, Foroutan says. (Mucus membranes produce mucus, which helps trap and remove germs from the body.) we knew if we strengthen the mucus membranes with key ingredients, it would prevent Covid-19 from invading the cells.

Now fast forward to today and science discovered the benefits of natural resources

and key word in this article is 'natural'!

The researchers plan to test the compounds in animal models within the next six months. 'Our research is also paving the way for large-scale testing of natural product medicines that can block infection associated with other respiratory viruses of great concern in Canada and around the world, such as influenza A and RSV,' said Dr. Jean.

I am so grateful for Loryhl and her gift of knowledge and dedication to the Thoroughbred, all animals and humans, everything coming together to help Gabriel and so many that now benefit from Protect the Bellows."

"I'm grateful for Herbs of the World, Loryhl Davis and her expertise with herbs. The herbs saved our puppies' lives and saved us thousands of dollars. Our puppies had parvovirus. The vet quoted $500-$1000 for treatment for each puppy. Honestly the vet admitted he couldn’t guarantee that the puppies would survive. Loryhl suggested Paragone, Soothe and Black Seed Oil for dogs, along with ideas for food to support gut health.

She also gave me hope that they could survive the parvovirus. Before giving the puppies the herbs they were not eating, lying around and looking depressed within a day they were up eating, running around and playing."


"Paragone and Soothe: FYI - after 4 mos of trying to rid the puppy from Giardia your herbal remedy was the only thing that worked - GOD'S MEDICINE - I should have come to you in the beginning.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your business IN ABUNDANCE!!"

"Milo and Zion You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind"

-V Dishman and the Bichon Boys Brooklyn

"Loryhl's dedication to providing formulas that work for animals and humans has been instrumental in the quality of life for my family and horses."

-C Sanchez

"We have been using these products for over 10 years and strongly recommend them."

-The Complete Horsemanship Program

"Herbs of the World saved my kitty!

I came home late from cross country coaching late Thursday night and searched everywhere for my missing cat, who usually greets me a few blocks from my house, jumps in the car and rides home on my lap. I found him hiding downstairs. He's usually poofy and playful but that night he was unkempt, lethargic, hunched over, dehydrated and miserable. I took him in for an expensive emergency vet visit where I learned he had a virus. They gave him subcutaneous fluids and gave him an anti-inflammatory but after trying two bites of food, he still did not eat or drink on his own for two days.

I started texting Lorhyl, owner of Herbs of the World, for advice. She had treated my sick dog and saved the life of my duck that survived a coop fire so I knew she had the knowledge of what to do for Calvin. She recommended bone broth, flaxseed oil, frankincense oil, ubiquinol and Herbs of the World's formula Soothe with Coptis. I gave Calvin as many of these as I had and also some Herbs of the World Free'n'clear to help his kidneys so he could drink water again (Free'n'clear had cured his sister last year when she would stare at the water bowl all day). I had to brush things on his lips or paws or mix them with the water he was taking regularly from a syringe. I also brought him grass from the yard, which was the only thing he was interested in eating besides catnip.

On Sunday morning I was in the middle of sending Calvin's update to Loryhl when he wandered to the water bowl and drank on his own! I then, at Loryhl's recommendation, cooked him some fancy catnip-marinated salmon. He snuck up on it, as if he believed he was doing something naughty, batted a chunk of it onto the floor and ate it!

He is not 100% yet but he is stalking around the house and being mischievous again. He looks glossier and is interested in his toys again! I'm so grateful for the loving guidance of Herbs of the World that brought him to this point!"

"It’s been a rough summer for our animals.

Our horses had goat weed poisoning a couple of months almost every year for the past 9 years. This year it was particularly bad. We’ve been giving the horses Cellular defense & Liver up for a couple of months and their wounds are healed even though the goat weed is still growing. I noticed the horses had more energy once we started giving them these herbs.

My dog had a rough summer. She had a bad reaction to Simparica Trio, a treatment for heartworms. Then, a couple of weeks later she had giardia and healed from it. I wanted to use herbs to treat the heartworms. I gave her paragon and she has more energy. When I took this ranch dog to the vet they checked her for heartworms & she was heartworm free.

Lastly, My 15-year-old cat had kidney disease. He really looked like he was dying. I gave him Black seed oil and he looks so much better and he has more energy.

I’m so thankful for Lohryl’s expertise & patience. She made a difficult summer with our animals so much better. These herbs are healing and powerful."


"Universal Garlic and Liver Up What do I say about this product. ITS AMAZING!! My draft horse was tearing holes in himself and his mane itching so badly (here in Florida). NOTHING worked until someone recommended Herbs of the World. I was very skeptical! My big guy has been on this for just over a month and has shown SIGNIFICANT changes, flies don't want to land on him...he has stopped rubbing himself raw! I was nervous about him rejecting the taste and he could care less!

I am so impressed in such a change over just 40 days that I am ordering now for my itchy dogs!"

-S Carpenter

"Herbs of the World is a small business located in Idaho. We provide high-quality herb formula to our clients. To support us, if you have used our herbs, please review our Facebook pages, Google, and on our website to help us. We are mainly word of mouth.

Your reviews and testimonials help us to keep providing high-quality formulas. Thank you for your patronage!

Happy, Healthy, Pets, People, and Equines!"


"Be is looking fabulous and her dapples are coming through, all it takes is a little brushing and she shines.

There is a very good reason for Be to look this healthy and fit coming back from her layoff and it’s from herbs. I want to share what Be gets and Divus.

My dear friend Loryhl Davis has provided herbal formulas for over 30 years Herbs of the World

Ulcer Ease formula helps to prevent ulcers, which is very important.

Garlic Blend that boosts the immune system, both formulas concentrated on the gut, by providing a protect mucosa to all the membranes in the body, helps to also prevent EIPH. When gut lining is healthy it absorbs all the nutrients.

Be, Divus, and I are so blessed to have Loryhl as our health guide and Kim for keeping them on the formulas on a regular basis"


"I have a little quarter horse that was mildly lame for a year. We tried all kinds of treatments and supplements. He did test positive for Lyme but due to a sensitive digestive tract, we couldn't treat him with doxycycline. I tried this product and before we finished full bag he was sound. It has been several months and he continues to be sound. This product is amazing."

Rating: 5

-Carol C, Pa

"This is Moe, she is a retrained horse, that has been an exceptional teacher and competitor for the girls. She jumps, ( just won 4H State Fair for Kaylaa in Show jumping) barrel races, reins( not professionally mind) ropes, goat ties etc. Won D1 Queen with Katey, took her to State.

I am just grateful for her, she is a real. She was hormonal and toxic. We gave her Liver Up, Warm Sally, and Garlic n Roses. Her demeanor changed dramatically! Moe will always have a very special place in our hearts. Who can dress up a horse, non-stop like that?"

"Product Name: Cellular Equine Detox Flush™ EQ15

Hello! I've been using Chinese Herbs for 10 years, but just found Herbs of the World this summer. Great products that horses love to eat either dry or wet and that are affordable with good selection. Appreciate all you do."

Rating: 5

-Susan, Pennsylvania

"Hello, I have been using Chinese Herbs for my horses for about 10 years but just found Herbs of the World this summer. Good quality, fresh products, that horses like both dry or wet, and reasonably priced. I'll be using more of Herbs of the World products. Staff is also very helpful and honest. System overcharged for shipping and they called right away to explain the situation and processed a PayPal credit immediately. Like that they are a small family-run business. Thanks again."

Rating: 5

-Susan Lynch, Pennsylvania

"You remember the cat with arthritis? I have been sending this photo to people. This is her today. Two and 1/2 years ago only to take 3 steps at a time. She walks, runs, climbs, and is very fast when there is a treat for her. If it weren't for your Prime Bone and Joint she wouldn't be with me today! I reminded my vet when he saw her recently. He asked what I used and I told him."

-Karen M.


I've had the 33 n 38 yr olds on Ulcer Ease People can’t believe that they are so old!! Weight is good.

Hamish 38 on Ulcer Ease ( stellar care and vet work, Horse Feathers Equine Rescue) Hamish since Feb 2021

Toby 33 since July 2020

Before and after Ulcer Ease and excellent care."

-C White owl

"All your Herbs are fantastic my hospice dogs have lived years more they were diagnosed to live one with bladder and spinal cancer going strong since diagnosed with the cancer since 4/12/16"

-Carol LaFollette


"Product Name: New Product - Protect the Bellows

I got immediate relief from using this product! The first time I used it I felt like I was literally drowning and couldn’t sleep. After taking it my airways opened and I could breathe again! I hadn’t realized that even my lungs were restricted before taking this! Immediate results. I also have asthma on top of severe seasonal allergies and this product has already greatly benefited me."

Rating: 5

-M Van Cleve, TX

"I just wanted to let you know that our dog (French Bulldog) is now free from Giardia after you sent us Paragone. So many months of hopelessness. Thank you for doing (selling) this."

-Kim Donnreus, Sweden

"Product Name: Cellular Equine Detox Flush™ EQ15

Amazing! Life Changing

I bought this for my friends 23 year old horse who has cancer. Before this blend he seemed to have lost his light inside. He had Constant issues with his eyes running, digestion issues were up and down. We just couldn’t get him content in his body. We decided to try the cellular detox because well why not? LIFE CHANGER! He was on the detox for about 30 days and he is back to his 23 year old young self, he went into pasture and was bucking and playing and running! He hasn’t done that in a long time. His eyes stopped watering. His digestion has been consistent. I honestly was brought to tears to see his change. This is hands down was the most rewarding purchases I have made!"

Rating: 5

-Diane Mullins, Colorado

"Product Name: Anti-Stress Oil EQ58 | For Competitive and Injured Horse

Instant results

I have 2 feral mustangs that were rescued. As I work with them to adjust to their new way of life I have implemented this oil! I put behind their ears and down their Vega nerve line! They love it! They defiantly take a deep breath! I have noticed if I do it before training and after it keeps them grounded and able to process! Even grazing can be scary for them but this oil is a nice and easy way to keep them in their body and not just over reacting to a person walking by or activity. Highly recommend."

Rating: 5

-D Mullins, Colorado

"Product Name: Like Butter™ EQ31 | Soften Horse Hoof Before Trimming

Absolutely Like Butter

After moving my horses from irrigated pasture to a dry lot, their hooves got so hard my trimmer could barely do anything with them. Her ability to perform an effective trim was severely limited. This product completely changed all that. It works amazingly without any harsh ingredients. Highly recommended."

Rating: 5

-Lila, Oregon

"Product Name: Live 'er Up™ H25 | Liver Detox for Blood Health

I can smile again!

As soon as I tried this product, I felt a difference in my overall health (heart and body)! I worried less, smiled more, felt healthier and free. My brittle and ridged nails have improved so much! I also noticed my baby hairs grow back! I alternate with Giver'er to my Liver. I love this product and will continue to purchase. Thank you for making this product available!"

Rating: 5

-E Lomas, TX

Easy Breathe

"Product Name: Easy Breathe™ EQ18 | Horses with Breathing Problems Herbal

Support After a severe and sudden onset of heaves a horse at the therapeutic riding program that I help run needed veterinary care and was put on dexamethasone and more last June. This season came and went as he was kept on Easy Breathe throughout the winter and we watched him closely through a terrible allergy season this year in the Northeast. He is thriving in his good work and feeling great thanks to these miraculous herbs."

-K Robbie, Director of Camp Care Therapeutic Riding Program, Connecticut

"I’ve been using Easy Breathe, Hack No More, and the Garlic ‘n Roses herbs for 2 years now. They are the ONLY feed through products I use on my horses to support them in training and competition. I will not travel without Easy Breathe and Hack No More on the trailer. It has been a lifesaver with horses changing feed while on the road, staying in different facilities, and exposure to dust and mold. We are currently extremely dry in SD this year, feeding whatever hay we can get our hands on, which sometimes means not the highest quality. At the slightest hint of a cough, heavy breathing, or slow recovery, I immediately supplement with Easy Breathe and Hack No More for a few days and it knocks the cough right out of them.

I keep my solid 1D Barrel/Rodeo horse on it full time in a maintenance level dose, and I also support her with Garlic ‘n Roses w/Milk Thistle and Dong Quai. It helps keep her hormones in check and her weight balanced between one competitive run to the next. I will always keep these herbs on hand for her."

-Becky Amio and Hastabeflicknfast, 2021 NBHA State Champions and Fast Time Winner.

This is Kira, a 8 year old Rottweiler female. She suffered from skin allergies, rough skin and hair loss throughout her body and chewing constantly.

Veterinary treatments were used unsuccessfully for the first four years. She was put on Paragone, Liver Up and K9 Sheild 2 1/2 years ago. She healed in 3 weeks. These are formulas from Herbs of the World.

Her case history will be discussed as she continues her progression. She has been on the Liver Up only for the last two months and is now having flare ups. She will be put back on the K9 Sheild and Paragone.

Kira was run over by a truck last year and she miraculously recovered with no internal damage or broken bones. This is attributed to being on the herbs, which also helps her bones.

-K Murray

Product Name: Easy Breathe™ EQ18 | Horses with Breathing Problems Herbal Support

I am writing this review not only on this product but all related herbs that are blended to help our horses.. my horse can finally breathe. He is a EPM horse who was severally effected.. the herb that are prescribed for him in the past 4 years has made my horse remarkably happy and healthy. We don’t show any more but still a great trail horse. I have learned more about the horses physical health and wellness than I have through working with my vets.. extremely great full i found this company and they are always their for my mules and horses.. Big hugs to Loryhl.

Rating: 5

-Shelley, CEDT, East Haddam, CT

"Blessed by your expertise and care."

-Adria Keys

"Be Wonder, beautiful, vigorous, healthy ,3 yr old race filly does funny tongue tricks. Her conscientious and caring owner, Christine Sanchez, makes sure she has what she needs. Be Wonder is still barefoot also.This filly gets trained with Equine Therapy, prehabilitation core work, non traditional race training and cross training by Kimberly Marrs Racing in Bonsall Ca. Be Wonder gets organic herbal blends, Be On Track ( daily preventiv, immune, joints, energy), Cannon Blast (protect young bones) and Ulcer Ease ( buffer gut, aid digestion) from Herbs of the World."


Product Name: Like Butter™ EQ31 | Soften Horse Hoof Before Trimming

Like Butter Works!

"Like Butter made a huge difference in my pony being able to have a full trim. His hooves are very hard, but wiping the water/Like Butter mix on his hooves and sole allowed my trimmer to do everything he needs. Super easy to use, even with a rescue pony who is afraid of boots and puddles. Highly recommend!!"

Rating 5

-M Gustafson, MN,

Hi Loryhl,

I wanted to thank you and share...

December 5, 2014 my 23-year-old mare started sweating inappropriately. I mean a really wet pattern on her neck/chest, behind her front legs (girth area, but not on belly), flank area and much more on her left side. The vet did an exam (all vitals fine) and a blood panel. A couple liver markers were just slightly off and everything else was in normal range. ‘Metabolic syndrome’ was suspected and I was advised to start a pituitary support supplement and also consider pergolide. Well... after trying everything I (and my friends) could think of, I could not get her to eat that supplement. The sweating continued 24/7. It gets really cold here and I was getting frustrated. She was getting grumpy.

Through a serendipitous chain of events I found Herbs of the World and at your suggestion began the liver detox herbs February 5, 2015. How nice to speak directly with you.

The first photo is what she looked like for two long months. The second photo was taken after nine days on the liver detox herbs (which the picky girl really likes) and one acupuncture treatment. The third (apologies for the sun and shade) photo was taken last week, March 20th. It was great to actually watch the change. As to the ‘why’ of the sweating in the first place, I really don’t have an answer.

I must say, she was not immediately impressed with the liver support herbs and it took some time to go from barely a pinch to 3T, but she now politely eats it.

Again... thank you so much for your help.

-Mari - Oregon

Dear Loryhl and Herbs of the World,

I am sooo grateful to you for how much you have helped me using the Easy Steppe! I live alone and am 61 years old and to go to bed fine and wake up the next day and having trouble walking due to arthritis in my knee was very upsetting. Was, meaning int the past!

Just a few simple things, that certainly costs much less then getting something from the doctor, and here I am, 3 weeks later, getting up in the morning with little effort compared to 3 weeks ago, and now walking almost without any limp at all! I know as I continue this will be back to normal. It was not fun having to hang onto furniture just to work out the kinks.

Some things are worse when you live alone. Having trouble walking is one of them.

Gus, my 14 year old dog who I wrote to you about a while ago, is still doing well thanks to you.

He wouldn't be here now if it weren't for you. Thank You for saving him for helping me!


I have worked with Loryhl going on 10 years, she has provided excellent guidance with all my horses.

About a year ago when my filly became a yearling, I reached out to Loryhl for a formula that would promote strong bone and muscle development, along with a strong immune system, all very important for a growing horse. My filly was separated from all other fillies except one that belongs to a friend of mine. Within a couple month both fillies started to look much different then all the other yearlings, they clearly stood out, they were larger, more muscular, with healthy coats.

I have continued with the two original formulas Cannon Blast and Garlic & Roses with Seaweed but recently Bewonder left for a training facility so we added a formula called Poise to keep her focused along with her nervous system in check in preparation for her arrival to the new facility and the start of her training regime.

The main focus is to support a healthy gut allowing it to absorb all of the nutrients required to keep her healthy, strong and continuous bone and muscle development.

Genetically Bewonder comes from a family of large bone and muscle, but Herbs of the World formulas provide the nutrients for the development and continuous health and the result is Bewonder has surpassed all expectations and has developed into a strong stunning filly. Here she is at 22 months old.

-C Sanchez

My barrel race mare was stiff during cycling, she would not pick up her right lead. She was extremely spooky, more so during cycle, very reactive around geldings. We put her on Warm Sally and Ulcer Ease. She now is much better. Her symptoms have all reduced to being manageable.

-K Perry, Kentucky

Herbs of the world is amazing and I have been using them for several years now. The herbalist herself will answer all of your questions and guide you to the perfect herbal blends for your animal’s specific needs. She only recommends them as needed and is truly a heart centered business lady who is very particular about quality and freshness.

I have used her herbs for cats, dogs and horses with excellent results.

I am Expecting some freshly made blends in the mail this week to support my mini-aussie’s thyroid.

-A Keys

Luar, European stallion with tumors and fungus issues. Now healthy with using Liver Up and Garlic n Rose's with Seaweed support.


Hi, my name is Doreen. I am a grand-mom to a wonderful, awesome, cuddle bug pit bull named Max. Max has a boat load of allergies. He gets spots all over his body during the allergy seasons. Fortunately they don't bother him. They scab up and fall off and then his fur grows back. We have been using drops from our Vet for the past 2-3 years and have seen no improvement at all not to mention the price. Until now!!

A friend of mine (who does cold laser therapy on Max) suggested Herbs of the World. She has dealt with them numerous times before and has seen wonderful results. The herbs that Loryhl (Herbalist) has suggested for Max has been nothing but incredible. There are some spots but not nearly the amount he used to get. They seem to be healing at a quicker pace also. The price is a winner also. What a pleasure it has been to find someone like Loryhl Davis. I had the pleasure to speak to her on the phone to tell her all about Max's issues. She explained all that she was going to send me for Max in addition to writing everything out. I got off the phone knowing that Loryhl had Max best interest at hand.

I am willing to write a testimony to say that I highly recommend Loryhl Davis at Herbs of the World for any concerns or questions you may have regarding your best loved pets.


I have been using Herbs of the World for 4 years now and my two dogs that were diagnosed with cancer in February 1916 and March 1916 one with a rapid growing tumor from skull to jaw and the other one with Bladder and Spinal cancer are both alive and doing great and we owe it all to Herbs of The World for their life saving Herbs. I would highly recommend giving them to your pets. Call them, tell them your problem and they will gladly help your pet.


My horse gets Bloodless Victory, Garlic n Roses, Chinese Bleeder liquid and Ulcer Ease. With each formula I have seen great improvement in my horse. Why? Because lots of Vets have worked on my horse for lung infections, bleeding and colds, I get no results. When I use these formulas, I get all the results I need. My horse is clean and pure.

-Wellesley Charoo, Rasta Thoroughbred Trainer, Calder Race Course

I'm an endurance rider and equine massage therapist. In my chosen sport, absolutely no drugs in any form are allowed.

When I ask my horses to race 50-100 miles in one day, I want them to be in their very best form possible. The herbal mixes I use regularly help keep my horses in peak physical and emotional condition over long periods of time.

I use other herbs to relieve the stresses of shipping. Loryhl concocted a specific blend of herbs to use during competitions to help keep the horses going, that proved very effective.

I've used and recommended her herbs as supportive therapy for many of the horses I work on. They make a difference.

-Lyn Kamer

Horses are grazing animals in nature. Herbs, grasses, weeds, barks and roots are their nutrition and their source of healing.

-Ron Spatz, Thoroughbred Trainer, Calder Race Course

I use these formulas on people, dogs, cats, and horses. What can I say except they work!

-Joan Fattore, Reiki Trainer, Margate FL

I used Bloodless Victory, Chinese Bleeder Liquid, and Essence of Peace. My horse stopped bleeding and improved. I also used Lasix.

-Ralph Faga, Horseman’s Tack Shoppe Owner, Calder Race Course

The old horse won again. He created history. He won the Bathurst Cup back in 1993 and has won it again in 1999! What a sensation to win a cup race 6 years apart. He also broke the track record. It was very hot and he had a hard race. Could not scope him, but he did not have one cough after. The next day a lot of people commented on how well he pulled up when they saw him. He was on the Bleeder Program.

-Sharon Peters, Thoroughbred Trainer, Warwick Farm, New South Wales, Australia