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Best Foot Forward™ EQ43 | Hoof Treatment for Horses

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Is your horse lying down frequently and showing signs of weakness and poor hoof growth™
Best Foot Forward is a synergistic blend of herbs for horses formulated to encourage healthy hooves and bone structure throughout the feet, legs, shoulders, hocks, spine and hips.  Horses that are fed too much processed feed can develop carbohydrate syndrome that can cause laminitis and hoof irritations. The herbs in Best Foot Forward are traditionally known to help the body deal with carbohydrate syndrome by slightly thinning the blood to increase circulation to the hooves for improved hoof health and mildly cleansing the blood of debris that can cause these conditions. They are also useful for building the immune system. It can be beneficial for:
  • Building strong hooves, healthy lamina, and thicker, healthier sole and uniform hoof growth.
  • Supporting horses with horse laminitis, seedy toe, white line disease, equine navicular, hoof wall abnormalities, and equine bone spurs
  • Repairing equine quarter crack hoof 
  • Correcting equine hoof wall abnormalities
  • Providing plant based nutrients for horses recovering from broken bones, calcifications, or tendon and ligament injuries.
  • Increasing circulation to the extremities which is an issue for many horses
  • Increasing digestive juices with the volatile oils in sage, yarrow and buffering effects of seaweed™
  • Building immune health, helping get rid of fungus, thrush, bacteria, canker, abscesses of the hooves 
The USA Food and Drug Administration consider Chia Seed a "dietary supplement" and its nutritional content complies with the strict regulations required by the organization to qualify as a "healthy food. We added Chia seeds for their balanced nutritional components and their ability to provide nutrients while eliminating debris.
For best results, we recommend using in combination with our 
  • Garlic n' Roses to increase circulation. 
  • Like Butter Hoof Dressing to encourage healthy growth when applied to the coronet band.
  • Rogers Hoof Oil to encourage hoof growth, both as a paint on the soles of the hoof for canker or abscesses


3 TBS twice daily for 60 - 90 days 6 days a week.  Then use 3 TBS daily, 6 days per week as needed. 
*We strongly recommend using in combination with Garlic n Roses with Oregano for several months.
Ingredients:  Chia Seed, Dulse, Yarrow, Sage, Schizandra Berry, Green Beans, Eleuthero, Burdock Root, Kelp, Beet Root, Yucca, Hops, Dandelion Root, Stevia, Fennel, Astragalus, Coptis Rhizome.
  • Garlic n' Roses with Seaweed
  • Like Butter
  • Anti-Stress Oil