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Calm the Chaos™ EQ13 | Stress Reducer

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Do you want an all natural, fresh flower essence for calming, trauma, and emergencies in your medicine chest™  Calm the Chaos is an alcohol free, nontoxic, natural herbs for horses flower essence used to help your horse through the common and uncommon emergencies that occur in the sometime perilous pursuits of everyday life. We combine fresh petals of the Yellow Rose trees from our organic garden and fresh sage from the surrounding mountains with other herbs and essences to create this calming blend. 

Calm the Chaos may be beneficial for: 
  • Relieving equine stress, anxiety, thunder phobia, trauma, shock, nervousness and adrenaline surges
  • Transitioning to a new owner
  • Recovery from abuse
  • Eliminating negative past and present energy
  • Feeding the brain with essences and herbs that calm and balance
We have Calm the Chaos for People too!  If you experience butterflies in your stomach before a competition, these drops work great to calm your nerves for that competitive edge!
  • 5-10 drops under the tongue or in water twice daily OR 
  • every 15 minutes as needed prior to an event or during periods of stress.
If you need additional calming support for your horse suffering with stress or nerves, we recommend using in combination with one or more:
  • Poise- Used to support the equine nervous system. It focuses on transforming nervous energy caused by worry, race stress, unnatural environment or living conditions into healthy energy for competition. Healing the nervous system, calming stomach and energetic responses to outside influences, noises or negativity.
  • Warm Sally - Many people have used this blend to balance problem mares when nothing else has worked. Mares that are moody, kicking, banging hips in the stall, off their "run" due to hormonal, fear, or female issues, hard births or unable to perform to peak potential use this blend.
  • Essence of Peace - Essence of Peace is described as producing fast, short term results. Used as a pre-event by champion race and show horses, worldwide, including FEI events. FOR MOST EFFECTIVENESS, USE AS A PRE-EVENT ONLY.
  • Liver Up - The liver is traditionally the organ where intense or "excess" emotion, fear, over exertion, race stress, performance anxiety are stored. Liver Up gently releases environmental and emotional stress toxins that may occur in performance horses.  
  • Anti-Stress Oil -  Nutritive oils and essential oils used traditionally to release toxins, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, release fear, relax muscles and toxin build up from old injuries which re-occur with inflammation and pain from competition or aging.
Ingredients: Organic Saffron, Parsley, Artemesia Frigida, Blue Ginseng, Yellow Roses, Dragon Bone, Star of Bethlehem, Chamomile, Bleeding Heart, Dill, Pink Yarrow, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water, Small amount of Cider Vinegar.