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EIPH Bleeder Program™ EQ90 | Support for Horses with EIPH, Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

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Suggested Support for Horses with EIPH, Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

Are you looking for a product to help your horse that suffers with Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage™

EIPH is a condition in which horses bleed from the lungs during heavy exertion. It can affect horses in all race and riding disciplines or companion horses that work hard.  It is a common condition, and despite research by top veterinary experts, the cause and what to do about it remains uncertain.  Some potential reasons include improper shoeing that causes greater impact or restricts the digital arteries in the hoof, contracted bulbs in the hoof, genetics, running above talent, turf horses on dirt, dirt horses on turf, diet, drugs, environmental toxins, or stress. 

In 1996, after much research, Herbs of the World developed a very effective, safe and nutritious herbal program for competitive horses with EIPH.  These herbal blends are made with herbs traditionally known to support the respiratory and circulatory systems. Trainers in North America, Arab Emeratis, Europe and Australia, have successfully used the Bleeder Program in conjunction with vet prescribed meds, with no adverse side effects to the horse.  They found that horses are in better condition at the end of the race and recover quicker than usual. They ™race stronger and last longer". 

We recommend you consult your personal vet or a holistic vet before changing or supplementing your horses™ diet, especially for the competitive horses. Adding herbs to your horses™ diet is the natural way to maintain good health, prevent potential illness and injury, and get your horse to the top competitively.

Click each product for ingredients, full details & benefits and OR to buy individually. For Additional Information on the program, please read our EIPH Bleeder Program Information page.

  • Bloodless Victory ™ A daily herbal tonic used to reduce bleeding, strengthen and tone the respiratory system, internal organs, and to cleanse and nurture the blood of the equine athlete.
  • Chinese Bleeder Liquid - An herbal nutrient that quickly enters the blood stream to reduce bleeding and strength of the horse's lungs
  • Run for Your Life - An effective blend of Chinese traditional herbs to promote more efficient oxygen exchange between the lungs and the blood.
  • Korean Stop Bleedin' - Pre Event formula to assist the body to withstand the pounding it takes when running or racing.

Small Size Bleeder Program

  • 1 LB   Run For Your Life
  • 1 LB   Bloodless Victory
  • 1 LBKorean Stop Bleedin
  • 16 oz  Chinese Bleeder Liquid

Large Size Bleeder Program

  • 3 LBRun For Your Life
  • 2 LBBloodless Victory
  • 1 LBKorean Stop Bleedin
  • 32 oz   Chinese Bleeder Liquid