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Garlic n' Roses™ with Astragalus & Schizandra Berries EQ24 | Boost Horse Immune System from Chronic Pain or Inflammation

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Boost Horse Immune System

Does your horse have a weakened immune system or suffer with chronic pain and inflammation, needing anti oxidants, fighting free radical damage™

Garlic n Roses with Astragalus and Schizandra Berries is a proprietary blend of herbs for horses traditionally used to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, treat arthritis, reduce the side effects of aging, cleanse the blood and strengthen the body's overall condition. This phytoadaptogen exerts an effect on the central nervous, sympathetic, endocrine, immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems. It has been used on the racetracks, show rings, and arenas of North America and Europe for many years to promote the longevity and well being of the competitive horse. Stress of any kind can cause oxidative damage. This formula provides anti oxidants to prevent free radical damage .Can beneficial for:

  • Boosting the immune system to guard against infection and illness, especially during travel, change of climate or other situations that challenge immune function
  • Supporting the body™s natural functions to help resist internal and external stressors
  • Supporting the upper respiratory system and increasing oxygenation to the blood
  • Relieving the side effects of old age including arthritis and fatigue
  • Reducing arthritis inflammation and pain
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure levels and relaxing blood vessels
  • Supporting the digestive system and encouraging healthy liver function
  • Providing antioxidants to reduce free radical damage
  • Increasing workload capacity and improving physical performance
  • Cleansing the blood and improving cardiovascular health
  • Reducing athletic fatigue
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Protect the body after stressful events with proven anti oxidants

For additional benefits in working or heavy performance horses or to prevent arthritis, use in combination with:

  • EQ34 Free Flowin' to support muscle and joint health to reduce the risk of injury
  • EQ61 Yucca with Devil's Claw and Myrrh reduce arthritic changes in the body
  • EIPH Bleeder Program
  • Amazing Breath- lung and mucous membrane support
  • Thumper- reduce oxidative stress, provide plant based support for "thumps" and herbal electrolytes

For best results in older horses use in combination with:

  • Free Flowin  to support muscle and joint health to reduce the risk of injury
  • Eye to Eye  to improve circulation and healing of the head and eyes
  • Cannon Blast to build healthy bone blasts after bruising or injury.

Ingredients:Organic,  Granulated Garlic, Rose Hips, Astragalus, Schizandra Berries, Oregano

Suggested Use:

  • Maintenance: 3TBS twice daily for 10-90 days, then 3 TBS daily 6 days a week.
  • Pre Event, Heavy Work or Travel: 3 TBS twice daily 2 days prior, day of, and day after.

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