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Hawthorn Berry Pet Heart Tonic™ P32

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Hawthorn Berry Pet Heart Tonic
Does your aging or ill pet need cardiovascular help with a natural, non toxic, gentle heart tonic™ 
Sometimes pets develop issues with irregular, weakened or damaged circulatory or cardiac function. Hawthorn is traditionally known as the heart herb. This herbs for pets product traditionally used to promote cardiovascular health is holistically balanced and alcohol free. Irregular heartbeat, exhaustion, aging, stress, illness, poor diet or starvation can put a serious strain on the heart. 
Frankincense oil increases the benefits of this Hawthorn Berry tincture. Increased circulation, reduced pain, and prevention of free radical damage are just some of the benefits of added Frankincense oil.
This gentle and effective heart tonic is a great herbal alternative to conventional pet supplements. If you suspect a serious heart condition, consult your vet. It can be beneficial for:
  • Strengthening and regulating the heart
  • Alleviating enlargement of the heart and fibrillation of the heart
  • Producing natural adrenaline
  • Strengthening weakened heart muscles caused by age and insufficiency of the heart valves
  • Alleviating effects of aging and injury
  • Reducing inflammation that can place a burden on the heart
Ingredients: Hawthorne Berry, Frankincense in a Cider Vinegar/Kosher Vegetable Glycerin Base
Suggested Use: Take 10 drops 3 times daily in a small amount of water.
Giving your pet a diet rich in Omega, 3-6-9 is also recommended.

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