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Her Peas™ EQ45 | Horse Herpes Herbal remedies

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Herbal Remedy for Horse Herpes

Need an herbal alternative to conventional herpes supplements for your horse™ This proprietary blend of herbs for horses is traditionally known for their antiseptic and tonic properties useful in the treatment of herpes virus. Her Peas contains the amino acid L-Lysine that has been found to help alleviate the Herpes I and II virus. This organic, all natural additive is nutrient dense to support the side effects of herpes such as lethargy, hind end weakness, low immune system, muscle loss, depressed or poor attitude, and loss of appetite. It is especially useful for horses under heavy training or living in confined areas. If you suspect your horse has herpes, consult your vet. Her Peas formula can be beneficial for:
  • Promoting increased white corpuscles to fight infection
  • Strengthening all equine internal organs to restore your horse to normal health
  • Cleansing and toning the equine body
  • Providing a soothing and healing effect on herpes blisters, Lymes, EPM
  • A natural buffer for the gut to stop leaky gut syndrome that may present in horses with herpes
  • Providing plant-based nutrients
For additional benefits, use in combination with EQ55 Ulcer Ease to ensure better digestion of nutrients. Suggested Use: 3 Tablespoons twice a day for up to 2 months at the first sign of symptoms. May be reduced to 3 TBS once a day as a maintenance for long term benefits, 6 days a week, as needed. Ingredients: Oregon Grape Root,, Hyssop, Peppermint, Bladderwrack, Garlic, Myrrh, Dulse, Wild Crafted Sage (Artemesia Frigidia), Lemon Balm, Dong Quai, L-Lysine, Diatomaceous Earth