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Korean Stop Bleedin'™ EQ94 | Pre Race Equine EIPH Health

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Herbs for EIPH Equine Pre Race

Does your horse suffer with Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage hindering his race performance™

This is a blend of herbs for horses traditionally known to promote healthy lung tissue. support the equine respiratory system and support the  lung during  hemorrhage.  Also bruised and horses that have been injured.

Korean Stop Bleedin is one of five herbal blends in our world-renowned Bleeder Program

This valuable formula, based on Chinese and Korean herbal tradition, is a useful herbal product for horses in all riding and racing disciplines that may be at risk of bleeding from the lungs during heavy exertion. Healthy lung tissue and blood quality are essential to enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injury during a race. It does not test positive at FEI and Race Standards and can be used in conjunction with conventional horse supplements or treatments. This pre-event formula can be beneficial for:

  • Reducing and preventing lung hemorrhage in race horses
  • Protecting equine lung tissue and mucous membranes
  • Providing anti oxidants to prevent free radical damage to distressed internal organs that could lead to cancer
  • Providing plant-based nutrients for stronger race results
  • Improving recovery times after a race
  • recovery after severe injury
Using Korean Stop Bleedin by itself or as part of the total EIPH Bleeder Program is a wise decision that will nourish and encourage your horse to flourish and win! 

Ingredients: Cynanchum, Loquat Leaf, Lotus Rhizome Node, Artemesia, Activated Coconut Charcoal, Zeolite,Tienchi

Suggested Use: 3 heaping TBS, twice a day 2 days prior and on heavy work or race day, and day after race or stressful event.

Other suggested supportive formulas: Cannon Blast -Bruised of Broken Bones and Muscle Loss EIPH Bleeder Program- EIPH Amazing Breath- lung and all mucous membrane support Hack No More- cough Four Thieves Vinegar- immune