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Protect the Bellows | For People

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 Synergystic blend of North American, European, Native American and  Chinese herbs traditionally used to:
support boosting energy, clearing fluid from the lungs, increasing oxygen to blood ratio. Healing and strengthening support for all mucous membranes, including the stomach, reproductive, urinary and the respiratory systems.
Protect the Bellows :
Supportive, traditionally for  improving the health and reducing symptoms of asthma, shortness of breath,  lung bleeding, acid gut or related problems.
- do you have scar tissue in your lungs™
- is your stomach acid and you have breathing issues also™
- do you have asthma™
- are your lungs damaged from chemicals and or illness/injury
- do you have shortness of breath™
- do you have excess mucus, cough and allergies?
Yarrow, Rosehips, Artemisia Dentata, Agrimony, Fennel, Mullein, Carrot, Ginseng, Kelp, Beet Rt. Chia, Burdock, Peppermint, Irish Moss, Marshmallow, Dong Quai, Aloe Vera, Nettle, Ghi Zhi, Jie Geng, Huang Qi, Dan Sheng, Nan Sha Shen, Bei Sha Shen, Chuan Jiao Pi, Tian Qi, Kun Bu, and Xian He Cao
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