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Paragone™ H40 |Parasite Control for People

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Parasite Control for People

Are you looking for a non-toxic mineral-rich buffer  as an herbal alternative to chemical wormers that contains Diatomaceous Earth™ 
Paragone is a blend of herbs for people traditionally used for their vermicide and vermifuge properties to destroy parasites or worms and expel them from the body. We added food grade Diatomaceous Earth to buffer the stomach with serious parasite or protozoa infection. It can be used before or after symptoms appear.  Parasites can be serious and adversely affect your health. If you suspect a problem, consult your medical professional for testing. It can be beneficial for:
  • Preventing infestation by killing adult parasites and their eggs.
  • Killing and expelling internal parasites 
  • Overcoming immune weakness
  • Naturally buffering the stomach
  • Providing plant based natural minerals lost during infestation
  • Improving digestion and nutritional absorption of nutrients from food
  • Building healthy bone
  • Regulating blood pressure
 We strongly recommend using in combination with:
  • Garlic or Garlic n' Roses with Seaweed to cleanse the blood, enhance immune system, and provide essential minerals like sulphur. Worms hate garlic and sulphur!
Paragone Ingredients: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Cloves, Cinnamon, Wormwood, Artemesia Dentata,  Chia Seed, Roasted Torrey Seed

Use before or when parasites worms symptoms appear.

Paragone Suggested Use:  1 to 2 tsp per day, 6 days a week for 2 weeks per month or before or during travel.  Alternate with Paris Sites herbal blend every 4 to 6 months.

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