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Pee King™ EQ36 | Horse Urination Health

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Tying Up, Release of low back pain, Urinary Tract Health
Does your horse “tie up” or suffer with low back pain, cramping, toxic build up in the muscles after racing or performance?

Chinese herbs traditionally known to increase urine flow and relieve lower back pain associated with improper kidney function are the main ingredients in Pee King. Kidneys that do not function properly can lead to serious illness and even death.

This blend of herbs for horses provides essential plant-based minerals your horse needs to stay healthy and perform at peak levels. Make sure your  horse has plenty of quality water and clean feed; preferably natural feed. Consult your vet about urinary problems and have samples tested. Pee King can be beneficial for:

  • Maintaining optimal kidney function
  • Cleansing the blood and eliminating toxicity
  • Eliminating lactic acid and mineral build-up in the kidneys
  • Lessening the effects of muscle cramps in highly competitive horses
  • Reducing lower back pain
  • Reducing fluid retention and “stocking up” in lower legs
  • Tying up
  • Moving stagnant chi

Kidney dysfunction or urine retention can be responsible for tying up, cramping, toe pointing and inability to relax after being ridden, bone issues such as calcium deposits, spurs, and navicular; behavior issues including general crankiness or discomfort; muscle atrophy or tight muscles; tendon, ligament and joint problems; staring at sides, frequently lying down, acting colicky but doesn’t roll, and performance issues such as not stopping hard or turning efficiently.

For additional benefits prior to racing use in combination with:

  • Thumper gently nourishes and buffers with plant based minerals. This natural buffer softens the mucous membranes which encoures natural elimination through the urinary system. Ultimately this is known to really increase stamina and reduce muscle cramping.

Ingredients: Dang Gui, Du Zhong, Nettle, Boldo, Uva Ursi, Fo Ti, Gotu Kola,Ghu Zui,  Poria, Cilantro, Siberian Ginseng, Schizandre Berry, Korean Ginseng, Artemesia Dentata, Slippery Elm, Dulse, Carrot Powder, Beet Root, Bee Pollen, Codonopsis, Anise, Juniper Berries, Hawthorne BerryMilk Thistle Seed.

Suggested Use:

  • Maintenance: 3 TBS twice daily for 10 days on 10 days off  for one month.
  • Pre Event: 3 TBS twice daily in combination with Thumper two days prior, day of and day after stressful event.
  • Use Free n Clear for Equines twice a year for extra support of Urinary stagnation