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Poise™ EQ74 | Horse Nervous System, Energy & Equilibrium

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Balancing and Calming Herbs to Support the Equine Equilibrium

Does your stallion, gelding or ™studdish™ mare have a bad attitude, wash out before performance or appear nervous or unfocused™

Poise is a blend of herbs for horses traditionally used to support the equine nervous system. It focuses on transforming nervous energy caused by worry, race stress, unnatural environment or living conditions into healthy energy for competition. It is also for breeding stallions or trail horses that can be hard to manage.  In 1999 Poise was formulated for a talented, fast-running gelding that washed out before every race because he worried too much. His performance improved and since then trainers around the world have used Poise for their competition stallions and geldings with winning results. It is a proven herbal alternative to conventional horse performance supplements. Some studdish mares may also be supported. This formula does not test in FEI or racing standards. It can be beneficial for:

  • Increasing your horse™s energy for improved performance
  • Calming equine nerves, especially prior to stressful events
  • Providing plant-based nutrients your horse needs
  • Supplying antioxidants that prevent free radical damage that lead to a breakdown of cells, which can cause inflammation and pain
  • Adaptogenic to help deal with race, show, competitive horse stress.
  • Supports the aging process
  • Balancing stallion and gelding hormones
  • Avoiding adverse side effects associated with conventional calming drugs

Suggested Use:

  • Maintenance: 3 TBS twice a day for 30-90 days, then three TBS per day 6 days a week.
  • Prior to Stressful event: 3TBS twice a day, 2 days before,day of and day after  racing, trailering, shoeing, trimming.

For additional benefits use in combination with:

Thumper herbal electrolyte to provide essential plant based nutrients to ensure full energy, vitality and readiness to compete. When a horse has a good attitude, feeling calm and focused they are more likely to perform at peak.

Essence of Peace on pre event days if your horse needs extra calming and focus

Ingredients: Dong Quai, Catnip, Dill weed, Eleuthero, Dandelion Root, Hyssop, Calendula. Astragalus, Schizandra Berries, Siberian Gin Seng

Poise Quantity Options:

  • 1 lb
  • 2 lb
  • 5 lb 


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