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Soothe™ H36 | Digestion aid for gut and bowel

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Soothe | Digestion Aid for stomach and Bowel
Do you have chronic stomach upset, sensitive stomach, nervous stomach™
Soothe is a blend of herbs for people traditionally used to support the digestive system and intestinal tract. These herbs have mucilaginous properties to coat the body's digestive tract and mucous membranes and contain soothing qualities for healing. The nervine properties heal and soothe the nerves to alleviate worry and stress associated with upset stomach. It can be beneficial for:
  • Relieving upset stomach
  • Relieving stomach pain due to colitis, diarrhea, vomiting, acid reflux, stomach acid, ulcers
  • Reducing blood in the urine and stools
  • ™Clearing Heat™ as defined in Chinese medicine to promote healthy liver function
  • Improving respiratory and reproductive health
  • Gently eliminating toxins from digestive organs to cleanse the blood and improve food digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Correcting the body's  alkaline/acid ratio
  • Reducing inflammation in the digestive tract and reproductive tissue
  • Easing diverticulitis pain
Ingredients: Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Spearmint, Yucca, Fennel Seeds, Nettle, Rose, Coptis Rhizome, Cinnamon twig, Zeolite
Suggested Use: 1-2 tsp one or more times daily in juice or water with meals or before bed.