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Stoke That Fire™ EQ79 | Encourage Sweating in Horses

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Herbs to Encourage Sweating in Horses

Is your horse not sweating enough or not at all™
Stoke That Fire herb for horses is a blend of herbs traditionally known to encourage sweating in horses and to move stagnant Chi associated with equine Anhidrosis. 
Hard work, competition and or hot weather can be hard on ™non sweaters™.  This product can be beneficial for:
  • Encouraging sweating in horses
  • Removing environmental toxins associated with Anhydrosis
  • Correcting electrolyte imbalance that can lead to Anhydrosis
  • Removing environmental toxins associated with Adrenal Fatigue (is this relevant)
Ingredients: Ginger, Bladderwrack, Beet, Fenugreek
Suggested Use: 2 TBS two times daily, 6 days a week. Mix with1/4 cup apple cider vinegar or a bottle of( dark stout  beer once or twice a day )and pour over feed. Some horses do not like ginger. Start with a pinch in the morning feeding and increase until the horse will take the full dose. Use twice a day as needed.
For additional electrolyte support we suggest, according to herbal Folklore, using in combination with :
-EQ35 Thumper if your horse is in training or competing. This will support and nourish the body, replenish minerals lost from strain and stress, and prevent dehydration.
- Liver Up
- Cellular Detox
- Milk Thistle Seeds
- Universal Garlic