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Tumor Time™ Freedom from the Masses 8 oz P24 pets

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New Improved Tumor Time for Pets

Does your pet have abnormal growths, a compromised immune system, or toxic overload?
Freedom from the Masses is a blend of herbs for pets traditionally known to nourish and encourage the body to make healthy tissue and reduce abnormal cellular growth. Some pets grow tumors that affect every organ and system of the body, especially the liver.  Tumor Time gently flushes the liver and helps the body replace damaged or mutated cells with new healthy cells.  The anti oxidant properties of Aloe Vera, traditionally known as a killer tape for cancer cells, help prevent free radical damage. Consult your vet if you suspect tumor related illness. Tumor Time can be beneficial for:
  • Reducing tumor size 
  • Building healthy new cells 
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Providing plant based nutrients to reduce toxic overload 
This blend addresses the underlying causes of illness, including toxins and chemical poisoning, and will strengthen your animals' resistance to dozens of additional ailments and diseases to prolong life. We use only Certified Organic nontoxic herbs with healing properties that are safe and easy on your pet's stomach.

Ingredients: Black Cumin Seed, Aloe Vera, Red Clover Blossoms, Cat's Claw, Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Coptis, Hyssop, Chaste Tree Berries, Rosehips, Bloodroot, Lions Mane, Chaga and Reishi mushroom, Frankincense, Zedoria, Oldenlandia, Curcurma, Lindera, Licorice, Jian Gulan

Suggested Use:  Two times daily for 10- 30 days then once a day for 6 days a week  
  • 0  -10 kg /  0-22 lb - 1/8 tsp
  • 11-20 kg / 23-44 lb - 1/4 tsp
  • 21-30 kg / 45-66 lb - 1/2 tsp
  • 31-40 kg / 67-88 lb - 2/3 tsp
  • 41-49 kg / 89-110 lb - 3/4 tsp
  • 50-60 kg / 111-132 lb - 1 tsp

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