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Yunnan Baiyao EQ95 | EIPH Equine Trauma & Bleeding Support

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1 case - 6 vials (enough for 1 to 2 races)

EIPH EquineTrauma & Bleeding Support

Chinese herbs formula used for bleeding, hemorrhage, recovery from, severe trauma or injury, race stress, or prevention of EIPH.  Developed by the Chinese centuries ago to help recover from serious injuries.

Use with our EIPH Bleeder Program  for best, long term results for your horse.

Yunnan Baiyao Ingredients:  Tienchi, Arboreal, Musk, Cimmaron

Suggested Use:  One vial given, save the red pill, morning of the day before the event.  At night, repeat, save the red pill, morning of event repeat, save the red pill,  hour or before event, closest you can get, administer one more vial, and at this time, give ALL RED PILLS.