Educational Material - People Protocol for Inflammation and Pain

Herbal Protocol for People, Inflammation and Pain

Suggested, Be sure to Consult Your Doctor before Starting any changes:

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Do not eat anything white, avoid at all costs. Sugar, ALL grains none at all, in any foods (for now, about 3 months) no flour and when you do, use coconut, almond or rice flour.
Do not eat night shades. white potatoes, eggplant, green, red, yellow peppers, tomatoes, paprika (these are nightshades and cause hardening of the arteries and arthritis).
Do only grass fed or organic meats, fish, non - farm raised fish, fruit, nuts, dried fruits, organic only (avoid sulphites, nitrates, etc.) herbal teas, crumble cheese only, organic nut milks are OK, goat or organic cow yogurt and grass-fed butter, honey, maple syrup.
If you must make baked or other goods, use above ingredients and coconut flour, almond flour, local eggs. Home fermented foods, as much as you like. Use only pure ingredients with a natural fermentation process.
Do 3 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, only made in California, once a day. Very Important
Do greens, Isagenix protein shakes, lower calorie one, off Amazon, when on the road or at home for quick help with foods, and also the glutathione in the shake is very good for inflammation. Make Golden milk before bed.
Take Turmeric, needs to be Oregon’s Wild Harvest, we have these pills, 1 two times daily
Take Thumper for humans, 1 tsp. two times daily
Do Anti Stress oil, rubbed on spine, arm pits and feet morning and night
Do Healing Castor Oil rubbed on abdomen at night
Rub privates with extra virgin coconut oil, take 2 tbsp per day in food or in mouth
Take Astragalus pills, 1 two times a day
Take Alkinalizing Green Mix, in juice or water or shake, one or two times daily
Do Cellular Detox Tea, 3 cups per day, make a bunch and drink iced or warm
Take NOW Schizandra extract pills – we have at the store
Take Thyro Food for people, 1 tspn two times daily
Drink Herbal teas, nettle and/or green tea
AVOID coffee as much as you can 208 756-1641 order 24/7 blog


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