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We suggest you get the name of a good dry dog or cat food, for convenience’s sake. This is so that you can use it when you are too busy to feed a raw diet or are traveling. Adding fresh raw, steamed vegies to food is important.

As you can, add more organic raw meats to your pet’s diet, and/or fresh roadkill/fresh wild meat. If you know any hunters get the organ meats, bones, raw meat, etc. Separate them into small pieces and freeze them in zip lock bags. You can pull these out when needed and give them to your pet. Act like your pet is an extremely valuable part of the wildlife exhibit at a local zoo and needs its natural diet and habitat to keep healthy.

For instance, animals in the wild first eat the half-digested contents of the intestines. Since most of their prey are herbivores (mice, deer, rats, etc) they eat the partially digested grasses, herbs, seeds, grains, and other organs near the intestines. They usually come back later for the rest, unless of course another animal has gotten to it already. They also graze and pick on herbs, berries, grasses, leaves as they travel through the wild. They are omnivores.

You can implement this natural feeding pattern by giving your pets cooked millet, barley, or heirloom grains, in small amounts. Add raw parsley, cilantro, shaved carrot, raw meats or lightly steamed vegies and meats until used to the raw meats. Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, etc are good choices, but NO potatoes, tomatoes or other nightshades. Use flax oil (1 tsp. to 1 tbs. according to weight of animal). You can alternate raw and steamed, roasted meats and veggies. Healthy food, meats veggies when you cook for your self is healthy for them and can save you time. Plus if there is ever a supply chain problem your pet is already used to eating healthy food, that you eat.

We suggest you add Prime Pet Bone and Joint for the animals with arthritic problems, Essence of Peace or Poise as needed into a herbal ball treat (see Recipe below) for nervous, abused, hyper, fear, behavioral issues. Soothe, for support of digestive or respiratory upsets,  Liver Up for gentle detox and cleansing, A Moon System for the support of the immune system, Tumor Time as needed, Prime Pet regular, as a daily, healthful maintenance supplement. We suggest using Hear Ye Ear Oil for ears, Comfrey Soothing Salve for hot spots, rashes or cuts as needed. Calm the Chaos Emergency Drops soothing essence.

All of the dried/fresh herbs and Herbs of the World Inc. products mentioned above can be added to your pets daily diet by adding them to the herbal ball treats and/or their food (after it is cooked or raw) mixed with flax oil or the coconut oil.

Herb Balls

- 1 lb or more of organic ground turkey, chicken, beef, or wild meat.

Prime Pet or any other Herbs of the World Inc. products, herbal supplements, and flax oil.

- Figure out how many balls you want and according to what size animal, then mix in appropriate amounts of herbs, one dose per ball.

- Add finely chopped cilantro, parsley and any other raw herbs that may be appropriate.

We freeze the balls in trays in the freezer, and take out as needed. This is very convenient and is an excellent way to get the herbs to the animals, plus they LOVE it!!!
Use Flower Essences, or small amount of in the water they drink, (make sure it is good quality water, not full of chlorine and chemicals) as needed for emotional and healing issues.



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